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Buying from outside the EC (i.e. importing from countries such as America, Canada, Australia, etc)

For those living in the UK and other EC (European Community) or EU (European Union) countries remember when purchasing from countries outside the EC Customs & Excise are entitled to open packages and charge you VAT (of 17.5% in the UK) plus an import fee (of around 2.5% - 4%) on top of the total price (including postage) you paid to the retailer or manufacturer.   Sometimes individual parcels will slip through the net and you won't be charged, but it's something you need to be aware of.  The retailer or manufacturer you purchased from will not be responsible for fees levied by your country's Customs & Excise Department. 

For more information take a look at HMRC VAT & Import information and Royal Mail's "Importing into the UK" towards the bottom of this Link


Fake CB-3000s ..........  


Important Information regarding fake CB3000s


27th June 2005 : Fake CB-3000s - The makers of the CB3000 advised that fake CB-3000s produced in China and of very poor quality were hitting the market. 


One of the main ways to identify these counterfeit male chastity devices is by taking a look at the hinged ring.  They tend to have air bubbles within the ring, often on either side the hinge, as can be seen in the photograph below. Do not however, this air bubbling is to be found in genuine CB-2000 (solid) rings. The hinge itself is of very poor quality and may cause skin irritation to some people.  From reports received, the rings seem break very quickly, in one instance after just 5 days.  The padlock supplied with the fake CB-3000s is also of a much lower quality.


The cage of the fake CB3000 has sharp edges on the inside.  Its seams are glued rather than sonic welded as on the genuine CB-3000

Photograph of counterfeit hinged ring








If you purchase a fake CB-3000 the manufacturers do not take any responsibility for, and obviously offers no warranty on, these boot leg items.

How to avoid buying a counterfit product. If you are uncertain about the authenticity of a product, simply don't part with your money. Consider purchasing a similar product from another manufacturer.


Neon Blue CB-3000 - Another fake or boot leg copy of the CB3000 can often be found on Ebay.  The Neon Blue Chastity Device resembling the CB-3000 is fake.  Again take a look at the rings by clicking to enlarge the image below - you will notice that they have air bubbles close to the hinge.  Any genuine CB-3000 will not have bubbles within its hinged rings (although you will find this air bubbling effect in authentic CB-2000 closed rings)





General Guideline for Purchasing:


Remember "Buyer Beware" purchase form organisations you can trust and have a good reputation. 


Take extra care when purchasing NEW CB-3000s from auction sites such as "E Bay".   For UK and EU if purchasing from an online auction site you may have much less legal protection than when you purchase from an online store.  Websites must adhere to UK and EU legislation such as the "Distance Selling Regulations of 2000" and the "Sale of Goods Act".  The "Distance Selling Regulations 2000" may not  apply to purchases made on an auction site, you would then have no right to a refund or replacement if your goods were faulty. 



What can you do if you discover the CB3000 you purchased is counterfeit?


The following information only applies to purchases made in the UK.  Your first course of action should be to hope to resolve the matter directly with the shop or website where you bought your fake CB-3000, it is possible (although rather unlikely) that they did so unknowingly.  Explain your concerns, detail why you think your purchase was not a genuine CB-3000 and give them the chance to rectify the situation BEFORE taking any stronger action. If the goods are counterfeit you should be entitled to your money back. 


If you are unable to resolve the matter after speaking with the shop you could contact your local Trading Standards Office.


The following links could be helpful:


If you purchased from an online store you have further protection in the form of the Distance Selling Regulations.  The below link provides good information about purchases made without "face to face" contact with the retailer:


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